E3Think is an urban developer and advisor that uses a combination of economics, technology and design to address intractable urban challenges and maximize financial value

Economic Development

Proactive Economic Development

NYC is at an inflection point. Invent City 2024 is proposed to be a bold, positive catalyst to capture the civic imagination and help show how Lower Manhattan could be a model for existing cities needing to evolve (visit Invent.City).


Reclaim Historic Assets

Glendening was part of a two person team to relaim two Jewish-owned properties in Leipzig, (formerly East) Germany, once confiscated by the Third Reich.

General Motors

Optimize Facilities Portfolios

Part of multi-firm team enabling major OEM monetize unused assets and minimize operating expenses of a billion dollar+ facility portfolio. Improved alignment with the business. Financial value created by team: > $100 million.


Weatherize Historic Structures

Led weatherization of the historic Corpus Christi Monastery in the Hunts Point area. Reviewed value of various cleantech options (solar, wind): weatherization achieved highest ROI.


Distributed Energy

Developed a post-disaster, rapid reconstruction off-grid prototype. Usable as micro mobility hubs. Worked with the Taiwan Trade office to do a prototype in Taipei and Jersey City.


Privately Finance, Public Projects

Glendening captained two-year Harvard Alumni / TransAlt)study on privately financed, public bike share (pre-Citibike). Became model for Hoboken's initial bike share program which was one of the first 100% privately financed programs.

General Motors

Turning Around Real Estate

Often real estate is awkwardly positioned. This may be exceptionally true now with a potentially growing stock of disused office buildings. Tom Glendening developed the strategy to transform underutilized retail in London into the highly successful Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.

Carnegie Hall

Deploying Innovative Mobility

Partnered with BNR to found the first high profile dockless bikeshare program in US in Hoboken. Pilot was with Sobi; 5 year program with Nextbike. Also co-authored Lime's successful dockless bikeshare RFEI response for NYC.

Carnegie Hall

Think Regionally

1.4 million person market along I-95 between NYC and Boston is sophisticated, well educated, and wealthy. But many individual towns are too small to support privately financed micro mobility, but as part of a region, they are. E3Think was a semi finalist in a Ford Smart Mobility competition.


Launched in 2011 in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, Inventropolis has hosted 13 events.

Past participants have included 11th Hour Racing, AutoShare, BCycle, Blue Phoenix, BMW, BMW I Ventures, Bronx River Alliance, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Con Edison, the Durst Organization, EnerKnol, Evatran | Plugless Power, Google, Governing Dynamics, IBM, Lyft, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, MTB Ayiti (Haiti), Nextbike, NYC Chief Fleet Officer, NYC Department of City Planning, NYC Mayor’s Office, NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission, NYCLHV Clean Cities, NYIT School of Management, Revolution Rickshaws, Roadify, Sailors for the Sea, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Sam Schwartz Engineering, Sobi, Terreform One, Tesla Motors, Transportation Alternatives, Trek Bicycles, Veolia and Worksman Cycles.


Transportation Alternatives

Solar One

Bronx River Alliance

Harvard Community Partners



Tom Glendening addressed urban planning issues from both the public and private sector in NYC, London and Edinburgh. Initiated transformation of disused real estate into successful Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, creating $60mm value (London). Economist/planner on 2-person team which reclaimed Jewish property confiscated by the Third Reich (Leipzig). Founded the first dockless bikeshare program in the US (Hoboken). On multi-firm team which optimized a portion of GM’s billion dollar facilities portfolio, and developed facilities strategy for roll-out of fuel cell powered vehicles; the team created more than $100mm in value. Harvard (MBA), Yale (MArch), Virginia (BS).